Robby Anderson

Millshop Manager
Robby has over 30 years experience in the industry with 17 years at G.O. Langlois Construction

From his boyhood clubhouse to a homemade skateboard, Robby built what he wanted from the time he was in grade school in 29 Palms, California to the present. He cultivated his innate talent in woodshop class throughout junior high and high school, then studied general academics at College of the Desert.

From 1980, Robby gained valuable experience in the industry doing millwork, cabinetry, and custom furniture, before opening his own cabinet shop. In 1997, Robby found a permanent home with G.O. Langlois Construction. When asked to be shop foreman, he answered "yes" and under the mentorship of Sam Mirto, a master craftsmen with 69 yrs experience and the Millshop’s first manager, Robby learned every phase of millwork from rating materials, to machinery, casework, cabinetry, and more. When the role of Millshop Manager became available in 2011, Robby was given the opportunity to fill the position. He currently resides in Palm Desert, California.


Greg Carter

Auto CAD Master Draftman
Greg has over 31 years experience in the industry with 11 years at G.O. Langlois Construction

Growing up in Springfield, Oregon, Greg took an avid interest in woodworking and furniture making. Under the guidance of skilled mentors, he ascended the ranks at a Portland based company called Creative Wordworking Northwest, where his acquired skills afforded Greg the opportunity to branch out and open his own cabinet shop in Vancouver, Washington.

Greg connected with Gerry Langlois when he and his wife, Penne, decided to leave the Washington rains behind, and head to the California desert for some much needed sunshine. He began with G.O. Langlois as a cabinet maker, acquiring greater knowledge and experience in rod layout, construction techniques, and fabricating execution, before taking an Interest in Auto CAD and subsequently learning the ropes through mentors like Sam Mirto. With drafting background in high school and U.S. Army, Greg developed AutoCAD skills to replace the old school layout rod. Working closely with Architects and Designers, Greg develops complex concepts using Computer Aided Drafting to initiate in-house drawings, and also specializes in estimating our cabinetry and millwork proposals. Greg and Penne share four grown children, three daughters and one son.

Master Craftsmen

With decades of experience, our Master Craftsmen originate from diverse backgrounds and hometowns from Oregon and Washington to Northern California;  Baja Norte, Mexico; Brigham City, Utah; and Zlin, Czechoslovakia; with several born and raised right here in the Coachella Valley. Their interests in millwork, cabinetry, and casework stem from family legacies to building with Legos, a ski instructor turned cabinet maker in the off-season, and watching a grandfather fell trees to make furniture—but one thing they all have in common is an immense passion for their craft, which can be seen in the intricate details of their work.


Drawer Department and Hardware Assembly
Specialty: Making Drawers, Pullouts, and Finish details
14 Years Experience in Woodworking, 11 Years with G.O. Langlois Construction


Cabinet Maker
Specialty: Cabinet Construction, Finish Details, and Millwork
21 Years Experience in Woodworking, with 6 Years at G.O. Langlois Construction